Tuesday, March 12, 2013

New blog look

Well, that's what I want anyway, though I can't find anything that really appeals to me.

I've loved this template, but can't seem to make it do what I want it to lately... and the right column is 'jumping' on both my computers so I'm guessing it is on everyone else's too - REALLY annoying.

Obviously want something to do with irises - wasted most of this afternoon looking around online.

So, it's frustrating.... but then I get frustrated easily these days it seems.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Need a new coffee pot!

Mine died this past week.  Fortunately I still had my old one so it's back in service.  Unfortunately, I seriously dislike it!

Here's my want list:

  • Auto program to come on 
  • Keep coffee hot/warm for 2 hours without getting stronger
  • NOT spill every time I try and pour a cup
  • Pause & serve
  • Minimum 10 cup (prefer 12 cup)
My last one had a thermal carafe.  It went off when the coffee was made, but stayed reasonably hot for awhile.

The one I'm back to using will shut off in 2 hours, but coffee left sitting in a glass carafe on heat tastes really nasty after 2 hours.

My daughter in law gets up at 5AM - she drinks the first couple of cups.  I'm normally up around 7ish - I'm the "bring coffee and no one gets hurt" type, so I don't want to have to fool around with making fresh coffee.  Choices right now are warmish, burnt coffee, or cold coffee.

Nor can I see paying $100 for a coffee pot that isn't going to last more than a year or two (they never do).

Saw this DeLonghi online and technically it fills the requirements. Well, the price not as good as I'd like, but possible...but didn't get very good reviews:

Then there's this Cuisinart - which does get good reviews - but it is $100.

SOOO, anyone have any suggestions, ideas???