Saturday, October 8, 2011

Newest venture in my life is counted cross stitch design.

I've actually been designing charts for years, but always just for myself. I was encouraged to market some of them, so they're available in my online shop.

I'm not a great artist, so they're relatively simple, mostly 'sayings'. Here's one of my favorites:

Friday, May 13, 2011

Birthday Present from my kids

Okay, is is a longer story than you might think, so bear with me. My kids went together and got me a new range hood for my birthday. The fan on the old one was shot and after 21 years, the old one looked, well - old! So, new it is. I was pretty excited about sprucing up the kitchen and finally having a fan that worked again.

Ordered online, came, looked great, son and grandson installed it. Unfortunately during the installation, my 27 year old ceramic cooktop got broken - no one's fault, it was already in a weakend and sad condition and also looked - old! Had to remove the stainless steal backsplash that was behind the old cooktop. I had painted the kitchen when I was doing chemo, (yeah I know, but I proved "I" could do it) and hadn't painted that spot, so now I had a lovely new range hood, a broken cooktop and an ugly white spot in my otherwise green kitchen wall. Not my first choice of a lovely kitchen. Too bad I didn't think to take any pictures of that. These pictures are obviously all "after".

So, I started looking for another cooktop. Really didn't like the prices these days (being the frugal mcdugal that I am). So, was still looking on April 27 when the tornadoes hit north Alabama. No, we didn't have tornado damage (thank you God - except a couple of trees down), but we were without electricity for 5 days.

Now, my only way to cook, or more importantly, make coffee, was electricity. Fortunately, my sweet neighbors had a gas stove and a 'french press', so we drank coffee and ate at their house. However, I really do like (translated, seriously need) my first cup of coffee every morning. You know, "instant human, just add coffee".

Considering the above, as soon as power was restored and stores opened again, I changed my search to a "gas" cooktop (this is for you Danette - and Asher :). Lowe's was useless, however, my local mom & pop appliance store could order the exact one I'd found online, and it was cheaper there. They had it in 3 days and in another 3 days my local gas/electric guys came out and installed it.

Started looking for new backsplash - again, I'm frugal (translated - cheap), and was really tired of the way it all looked. I'm not a patient person!!! Son found some inexpensive 'tin tiles' on which I ordered and he installed.

Now I'm pleased - well, mostly. I don't really like the cooktop. I don't like cooking with gas. But then, I rarely cook, and MOST importantly - if the power goes off - I CAN MAKE COFFEE. Did I mention, my son gave me a 'french press' for my birthday :)

But you know, those countertops are looking pretty old now.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Another "Lazy Girl"

I love my first "Lazy Girl - Margo purse" so much, I've made another one (and plan for more). Perhaps one for each season :)

I found this Michael Miller fabric online at and fell in love with it. Of course, I love most anything 'iris' (imagine that). Anyway, decided it would make a great Spring/Summer purse.

So, I made the Margo, and of course, needed a coordinating wallet. I love the Lazy Girl Wonder Wallet. Can't imagine why I ever carried a large wallet, this one holds everything I need.

THEN, decided I'd like a smaller purse for shopping. Now, I don't go shopping very often, but when I do, my regular purse is heavy - you know, all that 'stuff' in it that I can't live without. Found the Runaround Bag and decided that was the one. Soooo, I made a matching smaller bag with long handle. Can be worn criss crossed across the body and doesn't hold much, so doesn't weigh much. That brought the idea of a Maggie. Just a little 'pouch' that I can switch between purses.

SO, the Runaround will go in my car and if I'm shopping, I'll simply transfer the Wonder Wallet and the Maggie from the Margo into the Runaround and I'm all set for shoulder saving shopping. I'm loving them!

I've always loved purses, but never really found one I liked that was the right size, had organization and was lightweight. I've decided I love the Margo so much, I'm going to have one for every season. Since they'll all be alike, I won't be confused about where anything is when I switch purses.

Can you tell that I REALLY like these purses?!!!!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Purse & wallet

I've long felt that men designed most of the purses around (I apologize to those ladies who make the fancy handbags with their names on them) as I don't ever think I've found one that I truly like. And believe me, it wasn't for not trying.

I love purses and I've bought lots more than my fair share of handbags and purses - only to get them home and discover; they were too big, they were too small, I couldn't find anything in them, and on and on and on...

Always thought that one of these days I'd design my own. Well, finally, someone has done that for me, and done a really outstanding job - it's Lazy Girl Designs.

And, actually, I owe my friend Suzie at Ask The Ebay Queen for finding Lazy Girls. She posted a picture of a small purse on her blog one day and while I wasn't crazy about that particular purse, I looked up Lazy Girl and was immediately hooked. She has multiple patterns for a large variety of large and small purses. There's the Chelsea, the Chloe, the Claire, the Miranda, the.... well, you get the idea. There's also lots of little accessories, like the Wonder Wallet (which I LOVE), the checkbook cover and the Maggie, and more. My first pattern was the Margo - I ABSOLUTELY LOVE MY MARGO!!!

The Margo is just the right size, has two outside pockets, zips closed and has a multitude of interior pockets. Very well organized!! I used three contrasting fabrics with my favorite colors, though it could be made all one solid color.

So, then I decided I'd try the Wonder Wallet. Never found a wallet I really liked either. This one was really easy to make, is small, but holds a lot. As you can see, I made one to match my Margo.

I've added another Lazy Girl pattern of a smaller purse for shopping, but haven't made it yet. For normal everyday use though, I'll stick with the Margo. I've already bought fabric to make several more.

Thursday, March 10, 2011


WOW!!  I've been lazy and not posted in ages.  Too much going on in my life I guess.  You'd think as I get older I'd have more time - NOT!  Seems to fly by even faster.  And of course, I don't move quite as fast as I used to getting 'stuff' done.  But here's an idea for you...

Do you want to save money?  Do you shop with coupons? 

I've never been very diligent doing it, and if you do it right, it does take time.  However, a young woman in my church has it down to a science - she she's teaching classes on it.

Here's her blog - she posts daily on ways to save money.  

From groceries to toiletries to furkid food to.... she even manages to get a log of things FREE, or at a ridiculously low price.  And, even if you don't embrace this concept to the extent she does, we can all use a little extra jingle in our pockets these days. 

And of course she's on  facebook too.

Check her out!