Thursday, November 30, 2017

Update, update -

Not me - though I could use updating - what I've been doing is a much needed update to my website and online shop.  Several things forced me to do this.  The online shop crashed and it was almost easier to start from scratch than try and fix it. 

One thing led to another and the website had to be redone and then I decided I need to create my "brand" (I've been listening to my grandson with his new degree in marketing way too much). 

Anyway, I'm almost finished and needed a break so thought I'd add my new logo here.  The cross stitch chart covers had been updated when I started selling them wholesale so everything really needed to reflect them.  They are a bit 'quieter' than the logo (just couldn't resist the yellow) so here you go.  I'd ask for opinions, but I'm not changing now so if you don't like it - don't tell me 😊

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Good News update

I should have already posted this - but don't post nearly often enough (think I've said that before - I should get better.

Anyway, briefly, I'm fine.  Pulmonologist did a fairly comprehensive breathing test - checked ALL the CT scans and declared me fine.  I do NOT have COPD (didn't think I did).  I did have some major sinus drainage and most of that has cleared up - or will if cold weather ever gets here.

Thank you, Lord!!!