Sunday, February 2, 2014

Has it really been that long

.....since I posted here?  Yeah, guess it has.  Just can't seem to make this a regular part of my activities.

I know, priorities!  So, I guess it just isn't up there these days.

I do manage to stay busier than I thought I would at this stage of my life, and I guess that's good.  I surely never get bored and always seem to have a list a mile long of things I want to do.

Am missing my big, ole indoor-outdoor cat today.  He's at the 'kitty hospital'.  He was limping on his right rear leg - had to wait to take him in because we had a weather event in Alabama.  Anyway, he's been there since Thursday.  No broken bones, no abscess, she thinks it may be a pulled muscle or sprain.  So, he's on "bed rest" - meaning he's on medication and confined, so hopefully he's healing.  Here are a couple of pictures for your viewing pleasure.  That's Frosty with him in the second picture.  Frosty weighs 3-1/2 pounds, Boots weighs 14.  He's a sweetie and I'll be glad when he's home and well.