Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Angels are around

Three posts in one month - WOW.  That's definitely a record for me.

Anyway, I am feeling better, but still tire really easily.  And, I'm working full time last week and this week 😒  I'm definitely too old for this.  Unfortunately my boss is out from some surgery so it's just me.  Thank God it's an easy job where I can sit down a lot.

So, back to the update.  I had an x-ray and CT scan and they showed "COPD" 😑 and a few other really annoying things.  I've never smoked or worked around asbestos.  Yes, I have an aggravating cough and a few other symptoms, but I do not believe this diaagnosis.  Appointment next week with Pulmonologist so we'll see what he thinks.

I fell yesterday; tripped over Koda (my little dog who sticks to me like velcro).  Not his fault, I obviously wasn't paying attention like I should.  Basically landed on left side, so have a few bruises.  Worse thing was a "rug burn" on my left arm - about 2" long and it pulled all the skin off.  My skin is so thin anyway.  I thought I'd never get it to stop bleeding - and it even bled more during the night.  Think I've finally got it stopped now.  I'm here to tell you that peroxide on a 3/4" x 2" place with no skin - BURNS πŸ”₯ like the very dickens!!!   If there was a germ there and it survived it's a lot stronger than I am.

So that's it.  I'm paranoid about falling anyway.  Way too easy to break something at my age...
so those angels that  "catch me in their hand" (Ps 91) did their job quite well - thank you!  

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

So, I'm here to tell you pneumonia is not any fun - at my age or any age I guess.  I had it once many years ago, but don't remember it taking this long to recover from.

I'm currently seeing a "Nurse Practitioner" as my regular GP and I really, really like her.  Much more thorough than my regular MD.  So, to make a long story shorter - she heard something not explainable and I've had several tests and now have a couple of specialist referrals.

Don't really have time for all this and am extremely tired of being tired, and unable to breathe as well as I'd like😩😩

I did have two of my grown sons visit from far away while I was sick, one DIL and one granddaughter.  They tried to take care of me πŸ˜‰ and my DIL fed me the whole time while sons did all sorts of chores.  Enjoyed their visit but still tired πŸ˜’

I hate complainers too, so my rant is now officially over.  I'm seriously trying to post more frequently here, if only for myself and I promise I'll try to make my next post a more cheery one.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Just can't keep up

I love reading other blogs, and I have really good intentions (you know what's paved with those), but... here I am a year later writing my next blog post.  One doesn't keep followers that way 😊

Anyway, as a brief followup to my last several posts with the floor painting.  IF you choose to do this do plan to wait a LOOOOOONG time for the floor to dry (my son tells me it's "cure").  At any rate, apparently it takes a long time and you shouldn't put furniture on it before it's ready.  Well, obviously I was considerably more ready than my floor was.  It has MANY spots where the paint has pulled up.  Most anything heavy sitting on it that's been moved has removed the paint.

Very, very annoying... but it is what it is.  I did follow directions and read what other people had done... but I didn't ask the person who absolutely knew - my son (who is a Plant Manager in a paint company).

Why would I have thought of asking him? πŸ˜•

So, live and learn.  The floor is still a lovely painted aqua and it's still better than the carpet, thank you very much!

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

DIY Home Improvements - 4

Haven't gotten back to the center - it's still on my list of things to do, but guests came, I got busy with other things.  And, I have a problem.  Apparently the futon was just too heavy and put on the newly painted floor too soon - it stuck.  Pulled up a couple of dime size spots of paint AND primer - down to bare floor - when I tried to move it.  I've gotten 'slider strips' to go on it, but it takes 2 people and I'm only one, so that'll have to wait.  I'll touch up the spots, but not sure how durable they'll be afterwards.  Seriously annoyed.  Apparently it needed to cure considerably longer for heavy furniture that might eventually be moved.

At any rate, here's what I used...

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

DIY Home Improvements - 3

It's Day 7 - and it's finished for the moment.  I'll probably go back and give the center part of the room another coat of the deck paint (yes, I have enough), but I have family coming in later today, so that's it for now.

And, I'm definitely ready to be out of that room.  I can't tell you how much my body hurts - everywhere!!  One good thing - everything in there is cleaner now and I found some old stuff to donate and some to trash.  I'm just so glad to not be working on floor today!!

Yes, it will look better with regular laminate flooring down - and maybe I'll live long enough to see that happen, but for now the nasty carpet is gone and this is an acceptable alternative.

Just for the future - someone remind me that I don't need to tackle this size of a project again :-) 

Monday, June 13, 2016

DIY Home Improvements - 2

I am SO ready for this project to be finished.  Did I mention I'm too old for this sort of thing?  But, when one needs something done sometimes doing it yourself is your only option.

Did have my neighbor come over and lift the hutch top down.  I seriously hate to ask for help, and actually started to try moving it myself, but it was pretty heavy and I was afraid I'd drop it.

This is day 5.  I think I already said this room is FULL of furniture, and that futon is darned heavy.  I could drag it out, but getting it back after the floor is painted may not be quite as easy.

I'm waiting for the Kilz to dry, will paint later this afternoon and futon goes back to it's home tomorrow.  I'm just praying I have enough Kilz and paint to finish the center of the room where there's no furniture.  The room is smaller than the square footage they're supposed to cover, but the rough floor eats up paint.  We'll see I guess.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

DIY Home Improvements

I'm waaay too old to be doing this, but I couldn't take it anymore and finally snapped.  I'm ripping up very old carpet!!  I'm here to tell you that ripping up old carpet is not for the fainthearted.  It's darned hard work, but I'm determined.

My house is 26 years old and we originally had carpet everywhere.  It's all been replaced with laminate flooring except for one room... the guest room/my studio.  This originally started out as my MIL's room and she had a little dog - who didn't always go outside for his business.  Over the years, a cat, and then Koda could still smell the past indiscretions and made it considerably worse.  I've tried everything on that old carpet as a band aid to the problem and nothing worked.  Always intended to rip up the carpet and replace with laminate, but the "help" (son/grandsons) aren't around and the laminate is beyond my abilities.  I can rip up carpet --- and I am.

This is subfloor - rough particle board, but I did a good bit of research before I started and found it can be painted.  I can't put down laminate, but I can paint (slowly, but I can do it).

I didn't take a picture of the entire room before I started, but you'll get the idea of the carpet from the first photo.  Now mind you - that room is BEYOND FULL of furniture.  You have to move furniture before you can rip up the carpet.  I've done pretty good so far, but have a hutch in there I think I'm gonna call a neighbor to help me with.  

This is my sewing "nook".  Chuck built my sewing table not long before he passed away and it's perfect - machine and serger both easily available with storage underneath (way too much storage, I was amazed at what all was down there).

And here's that sewing nook - ready for the furniture to be moved back today. 

This would be easier if all the furniture were out, but life isn't always easier. I wouldn't be able to do it all at one time anyway - don't have that much energy.  And my body - we won't even talk about how it feels :-)