Friday, August 7, 2009

Facebook fans & family

I'm so excited (doesn't take much with me). I have 100 fans on my facebook page IrisOriginals and I have family coming today and Sunday.

Facebook pages much have 100 fans in order to secure their 'name' in the URL instead of the long one facebook automatically provides. Well, that can be a challenge, but thanks for my personal facebook friends and some of 'their' friends I've made it. My lovely daughter was a special help and kept asking her friends to fan me. Reached the magic number this morning. Thanks everyone. There's not a limit and I'd still LOVE to have more fans - so if you aren't already a fan, stop by and become one.

Now for the really important stuff. FAMILY! It's really a challenge for them all to be here at one time. Everyone has jobs/commitments/etc. Probably won't have them all together again till I die - maybe they'll all get to come to my funeral (though I hope that's not anytime real soon). But, I'll have three of my four children (who live all over the country) and seven of my eight grandchildren here for the weekend. Of course, there will be a fair number of bodies sleeping on the floor. I have a big house, but not quite that big.

So, the Texas contingent are hopefully already on their way - arriving tonight. Daughter and grandson from Tennessee will arrive on Sunday and youngest son (who's birthday was yesterday) and his family are currently living with me. Hopefully he's going to be doing the cooking for this crew - though he hurt his leg last night playing softball and it's quite swollen.

He's too old to be playing those games!


Sunny said...

Have a wonderful time with your family and congrats on all your fans!
Sunny :)

Carole and Chewy said...

I'm jealous of your 100 fans -I'm stuck at 38!
But I'm glad you got them - you have a beautiful site!

Iris said...

Thanks Carole - I wouldn't be there if it weren't for my daughter bugging HER friends to fan me, plus I sent fan requests to every one of my personal friends and most of them became fans, and several asked 'their' friends. I was SO excited this morning when I found I had nit 100 :)