Tuesday, October 20, 2009

#2 son is 50 years old today

...and I still can't believe I'm old enough to have one son who's 50, let alone two.

This is the same son I went to Texas a couple of weeks ago to surprise - it was a great week. His older brother came out from St. Louis later in the week and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing my oldest two sons (together - that doesn't happen often these days).

It was a great week. My daughter-in-law and grandkids worked really hard to surprise my son and they did a great job!!!

This is me with my two oldest sons. Birthday boy is on the left. Aren't they handsome?!!!


Sunny said...

There is not doubt that you are all related, you really resemble each other. What a wonderful looking family, and you certainly don't look old enough to have sons over 50.
My husband has four brothers and none of them look alike!
Sunny :)

Country Cottage Chic said...

Happy birthday to him and Iris, you don't look old enough to be his mom!!