Monday, April 22, 2013

Who has a RED microwave??

......ME, ME, ME!!!

I didn't even know they made red microwaves (which is what most people have said when I tell them I have one)... but I'm now the proud owner of one.  Late birthday gift from my son, Jeff and family (Danette and Foster).  He says red microwaves aren't that easy to find either :-)

My old microwave was misbehaving most of the time, though it had been better since Ariel (granddaughter) prayed for it.

So, the reason I "needed" a RED microwave..... In 2007 my old kitchen trash can finally died (it was only 20 years old) and I went shopping for a new one.  I had a pretty blah kitchen, the old trash can had been brown, but a shiny red one caught my eye.  I had nothing red in my kitchen, but I bought it anyway.

One thing led to another and I wound up painting my kitchen a bright apple green and accenting it with red (to match the trash can).

Son Asher & family got us a new set of cookware recently (have I mentioned I don't cook?).  It's pretty though - RED.

Soooo, I have a super spiffy kitchen that's bright and cherry!  More fun to clean than the old drab one.

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Iris said...

Forgot to mention - the new red microwave is a Kenmore. YAY for Sears!!