Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Kindle Fire and Library books

Now remember, I'm about 3 years older than dirt, and I'm not up on ALL the new technical stuff though I do try and stay current on many things and have a reasonable knowledge of "some" things technical.   I just haven't posted anything here.

So, I have a Kindle Fire - it's the first generation fire and I got it not long after they came out and I LOVE IT!!!   I can check email, facebook, browse the web (if there's wifi), but mostly I just read books on it.

That being said, I wanted to share this info in the event anyone else might be interested.  And, since I spent a day and a half searching online for the answer, only to read many blogs and forums that did NOT supply the correct (or at least updated) info.

I've known all along that I could check out books from the library for the Kindle, just never attempted it - so decided to try it.  Found my library online with Overdrive (the online service).  Entered my card number, found a couple of books I wanted to try and checked them out.  That's when I realized I might have a problem.  One book was in "Kindle" format and so easy it was like eating pie.  The other one was in some strange format I wasn't familiar with and not compatible with my Kindle.

That lead me to check further and I discovered many of the books the library offered were not in Kindle format.  So, there had to be an answer and I started searching.  Found I could read them on my PC by downloading Adobe Digital Editions (free) - but I didn't want to read them on my PC.  Found all kinds of info on how to convert them for my Kindle - none of which worked for me.  Maybe I was doing something incorrectly, but nonetheless it didn't work.

It was bedtime by then, so I stopped searching till the next day.  But, I woke determined and walla - I found the answer.  Again, as simple as eating pie but nowhere in any of the info that I read did it mention THIS... but here it is.

Amazon offers an app Overdrive Media Console (it's free).  Simply download it to your Kindle and install it.  At some point it'll ask you to 'authorize' via Adobe Digital Editions.  If you don't have a registration login with them, it'll give you the option to set one up.  Do so, authorize and download your book.  Now, I believe you have to read it in the app - which looks a bit different than your normal Kindle books do, but there are settings to change font size, etc.

So, today, I'm a happy camper.  My book is in my Kindle waiting for me to read. AND, I have a whole 'wish list' on my library website that I'll get to eventually.

While not all the authors I'd like to read are in the online library - this does open up a whole lot more books :-)

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