Monday, June 22, 2009

Computers.... again

Well, I've tweaked, scanned, fixed, and it seems to be running better, so I'll put off the reformat till I have a little more time (or am more in the mood). I really need to clean a bunch of stuff off here, my old hard drive is filling up. I'd love a shiny new computer, but just can't justify the cost as long as this one is plugging along.

I'm so annoyed with Paint Shop Pro though. I'm using PSP7 and have been since it first came out. Not going to buy an upgrade. It's a memory hog, but has worked pretty well till the last couple of weeks. I was editing a massive number of photos and it locked up (not unusual). But since then, every time I open it, it opens about 12 of those old photos (that I've since deleted). and I can't do anything till I get rid of them. NOW, it won't open at all. I've uninstalled and reinstalled, repaired, and all of the above again. Won't open!

I don't really need it for editing photos, I'm now using Picasa3 which I REALLY like. However, I do need something to create graphics in. SO, guess that's my next project (since I don't have anything else to do).


Islipian said...

That's funny...I'm still using PSP 7, too. I mean, that's my main go-to program. I'm trying to force myself to use GIMP more and more (it's FREE, Iris, and does LOTS of neat stuff, I think a little more along the lines of Photoshop that Paint Shop), but still, when I'm editing ebay images, and just want fast and dirty, PSP's my guy!

Iris said...

Yeah, I found GIMP, downloaded and installed it - but it's something new to learn. I hate learning new software. I've been using PSP7 for so long and am so comfortable with it. [sigh] Oh well, they say learning new stuff staves off alzheimers.