Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Today is Frosty's birthday...

Doesn't seem possible. My little furbaby is 9 years old. He doesn't act 'old' - or even middle age. I've Googled dog ages and find various formulas putting him between 49 and 52 years old by human years. He's tiny (3-1/2 pounds) and I'm praying he lives MUCH, MUCH longer.

Thought I'd share some pictures.... I'd lost my last poodle (a miniature) to heart disease when he was 15 and Chuck (dh) knew I'd always wanted a tiny teacup toy poodle. He wasn't totally enthusiastic because he was afraid he'd step on him or hurt him. But... he found this little sweetheart. I wasn't sure I was ready for another dog, so we just went to "look". Frosty came home in my lap and he hasn't been far from there ever since. And he still reminds me of Chuck's love :-)

These two were made on 8/25/00 - a day or two after we brought him home.

He's a big boy of one year old here.

This is his only 'professional' picture and he not only needed a haircut, but he was definitely less than pleased about not being right next to me.

Here he is running outside in 2006. He thinks he's a farm dog and loves to run in the field after Belle (Chuck's big 55 pound red setter). I have to watch him really closely when I take him out there or he'd follow her all the way to the back of the pasture.
And, Frosty's a working dog too. I work two days a week in a local cross stitch shop and Frosty goes with me. We put a sign in the window "Frosty is in". He's the official greeter and watch dog and takes his job seriously. He knows the mornings we're getting ready to go to work and is so excited.

And here's my baby today. Isn't that the sweetest face you've ever seen.

Unfortunately Frosty is also a 'handicapped' dog. His back left leg is fused at the joint. Doesn't slow him down. In retrospect, I think the breeder was more of a puppy mill and probably doing a lot of inbreeding. He's got the best personality though and is definitely my sweetheart.

When Chuck was so sick, he and Belle both stayed on the bed close to him - it's the only time Frosty has intentionally left my side for another. And, when I was going through chemo, he stuck to me like velcro. He's such a blessing in my life.

He's having difficulty with his right front leg at the moment. We went to a new groomer (BAD decision) and he's been having trouble ever since with his leg/shoulder - and he came home with fleas :-( Of course, that required a vet visit - he's on anti-inflamatories for 10 days and then back for xrays if it's not better. She said the joint was popping in and out and she thinks his shoulder was either dislocated or certainly seriously bruised. He's supposed to be confined to "no jumping or stairs"... which is really tricky with Frosty as he's a 'jumper'. I'm carrying him down the stairs outside (down is worse than up) and trying to keep him from jumping down from chairs, etc. He's such an active little fellow and definitely "my baby".


Country Cottage Chic said...

Happy Birthday Frosty! He's the same age as Lucy now!
Poor baby - hope his leg is better soon.

Jayne & the fur friends


Never been a fan of small dogs until Frosty --- now that's a big dog in a small dog body! Happy Birthday Frosty!

Iris said...

What a great way to put it Jacki - he does think he's as big as the next one.