Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The cat at Shepherd's Cove

Visited a friend at Shepherd's Cove today.

And in case you're wondering, Shepherd's Cove is a local Hospice facility. All of their offices are housed there and they have ten rooms for patients. Patients who can't be cared for at home, or for respite care for the caregivers. It's an absolutely gorgeous place.

Today was my first visit - it's been built since my dh died, but this is the same Hospice group that took care of him and they are WONDERFUL. I have no idea how I'd have made it without them.

Anyway, back to the facility. The patient rooms are huge and more like a room in your home than a patient room. Armoir with TV, sofa, comfy chair and double french doors that open to a private patio. There's also a 'family living room' complete with all the amenities, a small kitchen, dining area, etc. They even have a kids play room.

You can see some photos of the place here.

I was walking down the hall on my way to visit and looked over in one of the little sitting areas and what was laying on the coffee table but a HUGE cat. Now, I have cats at home, but it would take three of my cats to make this one - and on top of that he has lots of really long fur. He's gorgeous, super laid back, and refused to stand for a photo.

My picture isn't very clear, but you can get an idea of his size, those are normal size magazines on the table he's on.

Apparently he wanders the halls at will. And what a wonderful idea for patients and families to have a soft furry creature to pet.

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