Monday, September 7, 2009

Goat herding kittens

Who would have thought.

Well, at least now, the two resident front porch kittens are earning their keep.

First, Boots is a great mouser - though he refuses to share with his lazy brother, Firestar.

Or, we thought he was lazy till late yesterday afternoon. Here's the story....

Everyone was gone to various places except grandson Nathan who went to the kitchen for food (an activity he does a lot - he's a big growing football player). He heard a goat crying. You know, the 'help me I don't know what to do' cry. Sounded like it was coming from the front (shouldn't be coming from the front). Looked out and sure enough, "Darth Vader" (little black billy) was OUT of the pasture and near the road in front.

So, Nathan goes rushing out (barefoot) to try and get Darth Vader back in the pasture before the dumb little thing gets out in the road and gets run over. Opens the big gate and tries to herd the Darth Vader towards it. Darth Vader does not cooperate, runs into the woods beside the cemetery (at the edge of my front yard).

This chasing/herding goes on for a little while with no positive effects.

Suddenly - here comes Firestar flying off the porch, into the wooded area and part way up a pine tree. Darth Vader runs past and Firestar leaps out of the pine tree onto his back. Darth Vader goes tearing out of the wooded area towards the front porch. Boots comes flying off the front porch hissing and spitting. Darth Vader takes the path of least resistence and runs through the gate back into the pasture.

The goat herding kittens retire to the front porch to bask in their success.

Wish I had a video.


Country Cottage Chic said...

LOL! Good kitties!


Wanda said...

Too cute! I would loved to have seen this for real instead of just in my mind's eye.

Thanks for that. I needed a break from rearranging at the shop. Or trying to. I'm kinda stuck. Need help. Send kittens!

Suzie Eads said...

My kittens could learn a few things from yours.. Mine are NOT that smart :)

Carole and Chewy said...

Mine are that smart. They just don't care.

Love your title - I wasn't sure if it was going to be the goat herding the kittens, or the kittens herding the goat.

Kat Simpson said...

oH, i love THIS. Really would have made a MINT $$ off the video, LOL