Thursday, March 10, 2011


WOW!!  I've been lazy and not posted in ages.  Too much going on in my life I guess.  You'd think as I get older I'd have more time - NOT!  Seems to fly by even faster.  And of course, I don't move quite as fast as I used to getting 'stuff' done.  But here's an idea for you...

Do you want to save money?  Do you shop with coupons? 

I've never been very diligent doing it, and if you do it right, it does take time.  However, a young woman in my church has it down to a science - she she's teaching classes on it.

Here's her blog - she posts daily on ways to save money.  

From groceries to toiletries to furkid food to.... she even manages to get a log of things FREE, or at a ridiculously low price.  And, even if you don't embrace this concept to the extent she does, we can all use a little extra jingle in our pockets these days. 

And of course she's on  facebook too.

Check her out!

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