Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Another "Lazy Girl"

I love my first "Lazy Girl - Margo purse" so much, I've made another one (and plan for more). Perhaps one for each season :)

I found this Michael Miller fabric online at and fell in love with it. Of course, I love most anything 'iris' (imagine that). Anyway, decided it would make a great Spring/Summer purse.

So, I made the Margo, and of course, needed a coordinating wallet. I love the Lazy Girl Wonder Wallet. Can't imagine why I ever carried a large wallet, this one holds everything I need.

THEN, decided I'd like a smaller purse for shopping. Now, I don't go shopping very often, but when I do, my regular purse is heavy - you know, all that 'stuff' in it that I can't live without. Found the Runaround Bag and decided that was the one. Soooo, I made a matching smaller bag with long handle. Can be worn criss crossed across the body and doesn't hold much, so doesn't weigh much. That brought the idea of a Maggie. Just a little 'pouch' that I can switch between purses.

SO, the Runaround will go in my car and if I'm shopping, I'll simply transfer the Wonder Wallet and the Maggie from the Margo into the Runaround and I'm all set for shoulder saving shopping. I'm loving them!

I've always loved purses, but never really found one I liked that was the right size, had organization and was lightweight. I've decided I love the Margo so much, I'm going to have one for every season. Since they'll all be alike, I won't be confused about where anything is when I switch purses.

Can you tell that I REALLY like these purses?!!!!

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Cathy C. said...

I LOVE these bags!! :-)