Friday, May 13, 2011

Birthday Present from my kids

Okay, is is a longer story than you might think, so bear with me. My kids went together and got me a new range hood for my birthday. The fan on the old one was shot and after 21 years, the old one looked, well - old! So, new it is. I was pretty excited about sprucing up the kitchen and finally having a fan that worked again.

Ordered online, came, looked great, son and grandson installed it. Unfortunately during the installation, my 27 year old ceramic cooktop got broken - no one's fault, it was already in a weakend and sad condition and also looked - old! Had to remove the stainless steal backsplash that was behind the old cooktop. I had painted the kitchen when I was doing chemo, (yeah I know, but I proved "I" could do it) and hadn't painted that spot, so now I had a lovely new range hood, a broken cooktop and an ugly white spot in my otherwise green kitchen wall. Not my first choice of a lovely kitchen. Too bad I didn't think to take any pictures of that. These pictures are obviously all "after".

So, I started looking for another cooktop. Really didn't like the prices these days (being the frugal mcdugal that I am). So, was still looking on April 27 when the tornadoes hit north Alabama. No, we didn't have tornado damage (thank you God - except a couple of trees down), but we were without electricity for 5 days.

Now, my only way to cook, or more importantly, make coffee, was electricity. Fortunately, my sweet neighbors had a gas stove and a 'french press', so we drank coffee and ate at their house. However, I really do like (translated, seriously need) my first cup of coffee every morning. You know, "instant human, just add coffee".

Considering the above, as soon as power was restored and stores opened again, I changed my search to a "gas" cooktop (this is for you Danette - and Asher :). Lowe's was useless, however, my local mom & pop appliance store could order the exact one I'd found online, and it was cheaper there. They had it in 3 days and in another 3 days my local gas/electric guys came out and installed it.

Started looking for new backsplash - again, I'm frugal (translated - cheap), and was really tired of the way it all looked. I'm not a patient person!!! Son found some inexpensive 'tin tiles' on which I ordered and he installed.

Now I'm pleased - well, mostly. I don't really like the cooktop. I don't like cooking with gas. But then, I rarely cook, and MOST importantly - if the power goes off - I CAN MAKE COFFEE. Did I mention, my son gave me a 'french press' for my birthday :)

But you know, those countertops are looking pretty old now.


Carole & Chewy said...

I love the bright copper backsplash and it looks like your kitchen is the same shade of apple green that my office is!

Asher Smale said...

the looks sooooo snazzy!

Country Cottage Chic said...

Looks great Iris. I've only ever had a gas hob in one house & what I did like is how it is instantly hot or you can turn in right down & don't have to wait for the heat to cool if you want to simmer.

Enjoy it!

Anonymous said...

Iris, I love your new kitchen.. I really want to have a gas stove in my next place. Can't have gas here.. :( Carol

Iris said...

Thanks guys - I'm loving the look of it, and if I ever cook again, I'm sure it'll work just fine.