Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Elephants and bags

I've just finished my latest "Lazy Girl" bag - this one is a Candace and made large enough to hold my new Kindle Fire. Time will tell if I like it as well as the others I've made.

I received a tote bag for Christmas that I really liked the fabric and style, but it wasn't quite big enough, so I took it all apart, used the Lazy Girl pattern and made modifications to suit me. I even used the handles from the tote. I think I'm going to really like it.

The little wonder wallet and checkbook cover are made with fabric from the lining of the purse. I love the wonder wallets and that's all I use anymore. I can change wallets and still know where everything is.

Inside of the bag. Note the pocket in the back will hold my new Kindle fire, while other pockets hold other items, keeping everything organized.

I love organization - and this fits my needs nicely. I've looked for a Kindle cover and couldn't find one I liked that I was willing to pay for. Ordered one from Amazon.com but it was too small for my Kindle Fire. SOOO, made one myself. Not elegant and just kind of figured out what I wanted as I went along, but at least it matches my new purse!


Country Cottage Chic said...

It looks lovely Iris - great idea to customise it to your requirements!

Rick Marsh said...

that is lovely Iris, you are one go getter ... I also have a Kindle Fire LOVE that thing (shame on me as a bookseller, they are killin' me :)