Thursday, January 17, 2013

Oh my goodness - has it really been over a year since I've posted here?  apparently so.  I had such good intentions when I started this (and you know where that leads), but life just seems to get in the way.  I know, I know, whatever you make a priority gets done - obviously this wasn't high on my list.  Or maybe I just didn't have anything much to say.

I don't write nearly as entertainingly as some of my friends do, consequently, I'm not nearly as interesting to read..

A tiny recap of my year - had three grandkids graduate from high school this year - in three different states.  Thankfully on three different dates so I could make all of them.  One of my dreams when I was diagnosed with breast cancer was to see all of my grandchildren graduate from high school.  Two to go.

Oldest grandson graduated from college too.  Would have loved to be there, but just couldn't manage two trips to Texas within such a short time.

Left the church I'd attended for twenty two years to attend Resonate Church 9.22.  A new church started by my son.  It's still small and meeting in my house, but such a major blessing in my life having my son as my Pastor.  I'm still in contact with my previous church on a regular basis and they are doing well.

One son & grandson ripped up the carpet and put down new laminate flooring in my living/dining room while I was gone to one of the graduations.  I'm LOVIN it!  Looks so much better and much easier to clean (especially with the cats).

Finished Arimidex (cancer drug) in August... WOO HOO!!!  So, I'm officially off any prescription meds.    At my age may not always be able to say that, but I think that's a major blessing at my age.

Had to have Belle put to sleep - that was really difficult.  She had been Chuck's dog, but definitely became mine after he died.  It's never easy to lose a furkid, but their lifespan just isn't as long as ours.  She always thought Frosty's bed was there just for her - size apparently didn't matter.  She was 12 years old and had gotten so gray.  RIP sweet girl!

Started working on some weight loss towards the end of the year.  Only want to drop about 10 pounds, but that may be more difficult than a lot.  Managed 5 - but then the holidays came...  If I ate more food on a regular basis I could cut back more, but never been a big eater, so that doesn't work.  Trying to cut the carbs - but you know, the very best things to eat are full of carbs :-(

I'm sure there were other earth shaking events this past year, but since my memory is short, I can't think of them at the moment.

I am going to try and post more here this year.... we'll see how that goes.

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