Friday, February 8, 2013

Goats are named

... well mostly.

A friend, Stephanie Miller tried to post a comment on the blog and it wouldn't let her so she posted on facebook.  Her ideas were 'Brownie, Cocoa, and Peanut'.  Her daughter (Grace) suggested, 'Daisy, Lilly and Chip'.  And son J.P. suggested 'Buck, Paisley and Avery'.

Friend Rita Hayes suggested, Buster, Bahbs and Bitty.  And still another friend suggested, "Little Billy" -- unfortunately that one has been used, and used and used.

We actually wound up with 6 baby goats and one is kinda unusual so I'm not picking any of the above names for it (haven't sexed it yet so don't know if it's a billy or nannie.  But it's about half black and half white.  We had one like that years ago that Chuck named "Newsprint".  I'll try and get a picture of this one this weekend.

So, here's the names I selected for the original three - shown below.  The one on the left is a billy, so he's 'Buster' (that's one of Rita's ideas).

The little brown one in the middle is a nanny and is now Lilly (thanks Grace), I chose 'Onyx' for the solid black one - also a nanny.

The two additional additional brown ones (not pictured) were also both nannies, and I chose Peanut (that's Stephanie's offering) and Avery (from J.P.)

I've named so many goats over the years that I sort of hit a wall with these.  I have found a really website (goat farm) with a ton of names.  May use some of them in the future.

In the meantime, thank you Rita, Stephanie, Grace and J.P. for your help!!!


Bettye Rainwater said...

I think you should name one Indiana Mikey!

Iris said...

I'll keep that one for a future billy :-)