Monday, February 1, 2010

Bring coffee and no one gets hurt!!!!

That's the "Dolly Mama" cross stitch hanging over my coffee pot.  And, there's good reason for it to say that. 

My husband used to bring my coffee to me in bed before my feet ever hit the floor - that worked out great for both of us :)

Now that he's gone, I stagger into the kitchen and pour my own.  I get the coffee ready before I go to bed at night - it's not something I never forget.  I don't set the timer as my daughter-in-law gets up before me and turns it on, so when I stumble in the kitchen it's made and waiting on me.

EXCEPT THIS MORNING!  When I arrived in the kitchen the coffee pot was sitting there empty, surrounded by a wet towel and next to it a note - "coffee pot broken, water everywhere, NO coffee".  Needless to say, that didn't totally make my morning a good one.  So, doubter that I am, I had to turn on the coffee pot.  How it could have still had that much water in it as wet as the towel was I have no idea.  So now there's more water on the counter for me to clean up and none in the carafe where the coffee was supposed to be. 

It's been leaking a little for awhile, but it still made coffee - not today.

So, as soon as I could shower and get dressed it was off to town for coffee and a new coffee pot. 

The coffee wasn't nearly as good as my "Community" coffee is, but at least it was coffee and sort of got my motor running. 

After finally finding a coffee pot that did the few things I required it to do, getting homeunpacking, cleaning, and running one pot of water through it first - I've FINALLY had my regular morning coffee.

I don't require the fanciest coffee maker in the world - but I am spoiled to a few things - programmable, strength setting, auto off and not break the bank.  This Black & Decker filled my requirements and while it certainly wasn't nearly the cheapest coffee maker there - it wasn't nearly the most expensive either.  

The coffee maker that just died was a different brand, bu if it this one lasts as well as my last Black & Decker (under counter one which was about 25 years old when we finally replaced it) - I shouldn't ever have to buy another one.

Oh, and if this point you had any doubts about how seriously I take my coffee - here's another cross stitch hanging in my kitchen....


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Carole and Chewy said...

I'm that way about diet pepsi. I never feel really awake until I've had my first. I can't believe you had a coffeemaker that laster 25 years - we're lucky to get 4 years out of them.