Friday, January 29, 2010

Ice.... in Alabama

... is NOT a good thing!!!

This is part of my back deck that doesn't have a cover.  That ice is there and hard.  I was able to sweep off the steps as it's still slushy there (Frosty has to be able to go down those steps to do his business).  He loves to go under this picnic table when something is falling out of the sky.  He's not crazy about bad weather.

I know it's not hitting us nearly as bad as some parts of the country, but ice is ice.

And, speaking of Frosty, he's been acting very strangely today.  We worked at the cross stitch shop today (as usual on Wednesday and Friday) and everytime I moved, he barked.  He wanted to go outside, then he didn't want to go outside when I got bundled up.  He shivered and shook all day, and has been doing that since we got home.  I know he gets cold easily, but he's wearing his sweater as he usually does when the weather is cold.  I'm wondering if it the change in the weather.  My previous poodle would go nuts when the barometer started dropping.

If he is a little weather man - I hope he's wrong about the severity of this winter storm in Alabama.

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