Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I don't eat enough... least that's what my grandson thinks.

My son & his family are staying with me till they can get their house situated.

Son, his wife, oldest grandson and granddaughter are at a Pastor's conference (they've been gone since early Monday morning). Middle son (15) is home with me since he has both football and basketball practice.

He just decided I haven't been eating enough in his parents absence and he's very concerned about me.

Now, I've lived alone since my DH died in 2005. I've taken care of myself, survived breast cancer and fed myself. I haven't always eaten on a regular schedule and almost never cook anymore (did I mention, I hate to cook). However, I've managed so far. But, he's concerned that I haven't had enough protein (and I probably haven't, but I'm not telling him that).

I suspect his mother (my sweet DIL) told him to keep an eye on me and make sure I eat enough as she's always concerned about my eating habits.

It's really sweet that he's concerned. He offered to cook me some eggs so I could have protein. I don't really want eggs, I don't really want food right now.

I do appreciate his concern, but I've decided my kids and grandkids are getting awfully pushy in my old age.

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