Saturday, July 11, 2009

Red dinnerware

... is almost impossible to find. At least red dinnerware that "I" like.

Maybe I'm just too picky, or maybe I'm too cheap (or maybe both).

I painted my kitchen last year - a light minty green. Chose the color to go with a red garbage can I bought. Added more red accessories and love my red & light green kitchen.

I've had the same dinnerware for a hundred years - Pfalzgraff "Village" - and I have enough of it to feed Guntersville. But, I'm sick of it - and it does nothing for my lovely kitchen.

My DIL gave me two really pretty little bowls from a set of dinnerware at Kohls. I love them. However, the dinnerware itself is a bit pricy (for my budget) and the plates are those huge new ones that won't fit in my dishwasher. Why do they make plates too big to fit in dishwashers? Obviously a man designed that.

So, I thought - I'll get a solid red and get some of the little bowls as accents. Not nearly as easy as it sounds. I haven't found a red that I can afford and like at the same time.

I found a set at WalMart that I could live with, though the red is a bit darker. There's also a green - which is also a big darker, but they would probably work. However, the plates are square - and I'm not a big fan of square plates.

We visited "Old Time Pottery" in Madison today - thinking they might have something red, and I actually found a starter set that I liked and was willing to pay for. However, they only had ONE, and service for four at my house just doesn't cut it.

I've wasted waay too much time searching online. Found the pottery set online, but shipping was as much as the dinnerware - so not going there.

I'm frustrated!

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