Thursday, July 2, 2009

Such a small world we live in

... and it shrinks every day.

I've been online friends with a sweet lady in England (Jayne)for a good number of years. She sells lovely vintage type stuff online shop. A couple of days ago she posted on her blog about selling a selection of vintage china cups & saucers to a lady in the USA as she was planning a tea party for her sweet daughter's 3rd birthday. The nice lady (Tammy) had sent Jayne some photos and given her permission to post them on her blog.

I read Jayne's blog faithfully so I saw the absolutely adorable photos of a little girl's dress up tea party, and posted a comment.

Now, this tea party reminded me of little girls of long ago - you need to go and see the photos if you haven't already - and those little girls look like they're having so much fun.

Okay, I'm finally getting to the reason for it being such a small world. I got an email from Tammy this morning (she saw my comment on Jayne's blog) and she (Tammy) only lives about 40 miles from me (here in north Alabama) and her parents (he was the butler) are only about 30 miles.

She said the girls had a great time and particularly seemed to enjoy being waited on by a grown up butler (Tammy's step-dad who also had a great time), and stayed at the tables longer than expected.

Yes, it IS a small world!!!


Country Cottage Chic said...

It certainly is a very small world - I think the internet has made it even smaller!



Aren't those little girls beautiful and having so much fun! Nice post Iris -- lovely blog.