Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Basically wasted day

... well, I guess not wasted, I've learned several things that will NOT work.

I had a great list of "to do" things today, and have done none of them.

I decided I wanted to update my blog layouts. Sounds easy right?? Well, I can't get mine to do what I want it to do. Obviously I want it to do something it doesn't want to do.

I've been at it all day. Did walk away for awhile and rode my stationary bicycle thinking that might clear my hear. Didn't work (well, I did get some good exercise - but that's all).

Now, I've run out of time and much move on to something else. Work in the cross stitch shop tomorrow, so won't get back to it till Saturday.

I do love designing websites, templates, etc. But when I hit a snag, it's difficult to walk away and time just flies by me.

Maybe by then my brain will be cleared and I'll have figured it out (but I do have 'chemo brain' - so at least I have an excuse)

1 comment:

Carole and Chewy said...

I have days like that - feel like I'm just treading molasses.