Friday, January 15, 2010

It's Almost Finished

And, if you're a frequent visitor here you might not even see the difference - but I surely do.

I still don't have my post titles looking the way I want.  I tested this out on another blog (also on blogger) and it looked perfect, then when I loaded it here where it's going to live - it's different.  I have no idea why, and my brain won't wrap around that at the moment.

I've actually worked on these changes for days (when I could spare the time) and am ready to move on to the next one... I'm 'updating the look' of all of my blogs.

So, my goal was to post on at least one blog each day - didn't make it yesterday, but maybe the future will hold more writing, and hopefully in the future you'll find something at least quasi interesting to read on one of them.


Carole and Chewy said...


Specially the two stone sides, and the way the middle moves inside of it.

And the picture just vibrates off the screen!


Iris said...

Oh thank you so much Carole. I've worked on this so long I began to have doubts. I truly appreciate your comments.