Thursday, January 24, 2013

Baby Goats - Help me name them

There's nothing any cutier - and I have 3.  Born last night.  Two little girls and a little boy and they're tiny ones.  All three have diarrhea and had to bring the little boy in this morning and clean his little rear.  He was good though - I'm sure it made him feel better.

I've been naming goats for 20+ years and have long since run out of names.  Grandkids have named some of them - but the grandkids are bigger and not as interested these days.  SOOOO, how about some naming help from my friends???  A contest maybe.  Of course, I'll have to come up with a prize.

So, here's the little boy.  His mama is a really young mama and I heard her crying when I let Frosty out at bedtime.  The baby was born by the time I could get on shoes and jacket and get son and DIL to go out with me.  So thankful - when I heard her crying I was afraid I was going to have to help - and that wasn't exactly what I wanted to do at bedtime.  He has a black strip down his back, just like his Daddy.

The first little girl.  Looks like her mama - except the mama has a little white patch on one side.  This little girl is ALL black.

And the other little girl - her twin

And here they are, all together

Now, who has names???  I'll feature you and/or your site on my blog and Iris Originals facebook page.  Not impressed you say? Oh well... at least you can enjoy the pics of these adorable babies.


Pat Bell said...

Cute babies! With my lack of imagination, the only name I can think of for the boy is Little Billy (since you said they were tiny when they were born). Don't forget to let us know what you finally decide.

Rita Hayes said...

Really Cute. I'm gald you didn't have to help. How about - Buster, Bahbs, and Bitty?