Saturday, January 26, 2013

Furniture refinishing update

I've added a coffee table to my projects!  And no, not nearly finished with the two end tables.

Here's the coffee table sitting on saw horses ready to be sanded.

I'm pleased with my coffee table find.  It's pretty rough and beat up, but solid wood and I paid practically nothing for it.  Since it's not a family piece I am comfortable doing 'whatever' to it.  Plans are to stain the top and paint the sides and legs - haven't decided on a color yet... something to coordinate with my living room.

I sanded it this morning - and about did myself in doing it.  I didn't get the entire top down to bare wood like I wanted, my back gave out first.  Will get the primer on legs and sides later this afternoon after I recover a bit.  Then it sits for 7 days and I'll be able to work on the tables.

The primer on the tables had to 'cure' for 7 days so the first ones have just been 'sitting' and waiting.  Got the first partial coat on the dog bed table this morning.  Partial because the table is upside down getting the 'underside' of everything painted. Second coat goes on that later today.

These projects were much easier when I was younger :-)

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Patricia Dulaney said...

Thanks for sharing this. I love DIY stuffs that is what i do with my table. I refurnish it myself. HOwever, there are really times where you need a personals assistance. That's the time i'll hire someone or bring it to them for them to fix it.-