Friday, January 18, 2013

It's COLD in Alabama

WOW - two posts in two days.  That must be a record for me.

Yesterday was snow.  I don't like snow and cold. I'm definitely ready for spring/summer!

School out early so family all at home.  Son insisted we play a card game - what he and his brothers and Dad used to do on snow days in Missouri.  So, pinochle it was.  I'm not really a game kind of person and hadn't played it in years, but it pretty much came back to me - and I rather enjoyed it after we got into it (please, do not tell my family I said that :-)

I lived in Missouri for many years and endured way too much snow and cold.  Alabama is in the deep south - we're supposed to have warmer weather... and usually we do.  But yesterday was snow and ice.  And this morning, there's still snow & ice.  Not a lot of snow left, but the ice is still there.  The sun is shining today (thank you God).  Now if the temps will just go above freezing!

Those pictures probably don't look that bad if you live in an area that has snow - but remember, this is Alabama.  Not only do people not know how to drive on it - there's no means of getting it off roads.  We don't have ice trucks and snow plows here.

School closed today - too much ice on the county/back roads and parking lots.

I live in the country - on a mountain - and getting up and down it when there's ice is really tricky - so I'm home again today too.

Did I mention I hate cold and snow????

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